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John Rizzo
Tom Nadeau
Will Stone
Patrick ORourke
11/03/12 Rivals
06/30/12 Art Festival
06/03/12 HD Roadhouse
04/28/12 Delandaploosa
11/17/11 Recording



DARK HOUSE History: In 2004 two six stringers got together by way of a mutual friend to jam at a Melbourne, Fl rehearsal / recording studio. Since the two guitar players never played together before they were unsure of the styles and types of music each one enjoyed to play. Tom Nadeau is a native of Florida and he was quite familiar with the music scene in the area. Tom had played with other local musicians throughout his career and gigged at a variety of venues throughout the area. The other guitarist John Rizzo was from Chicago, IL he had played with a number of local musicians in the area and cultivated his blues style while living in the area. John moved to California/Austin, TX where he met other local and national musicians gigging in numerous clubs.

When Tom and John got together they seemed to jell quite well with their off-setting guitar playing sounds and styles. While Tom had a knack for fast licks and driving power chords, John had a more laid back blues style. After this initial jam session, it was apparent that DARK HOUSE would be formed. DARK HOUSE brought a revised style of music to the area, creating a combination of modern blues with classic rock style music. This transcended into Blues/Rock duo. The two six stringers jammed with a number of other musicians locally before the addition of a Bass player and Drummer who’s bass and drum styling reflects multiple genre’s. Patrick O’Rourke, a veteran in the music scene and a native of Florida, became a permanent fixture of DARK HOUSE in 2011. For Patrick, attention to the music, consistency, and dedication are key. The DARK HOUSE’s bass player is featured in Bass Player magazine Publication February 2009 edition, Page 22.

DARK HOUSE is now off and running, with all original tracks written by John Rizzo and Tom Nadeau including favorites such as Anarchy Tonight, I Got To Fly, Grim Reaper, Dark House, Fresh Start, to name just a few tunes. DARK HOUSE has recorded one CD Titled DARK HOUSE and is currently recording a second CD which will be completed at the end of 2011. Other songs that Dark House will be recording and performing are Weekend At The Beach, Way Down, Street Fair, Street Corner Survivors, Slow and Easy, Selfish, Rock God, Reality Strikes, Never Gonna Stop, Mirror On The Wall, Memories, Life I Lead, Life By the Cuff, Just Another Empty Promise, Heaven Ain’t for Sinners, Everything You Wanted, Dark House, Cruising Through The Night, Crank It Up, Can’t Hide, Apple In My Eye, and 1000 Miles.

DARK HOUSE SCANDEL - Caught in Florida Today: (Songwriter busted with pretty ladies)

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