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Stacy - Lead Vocals & Keys
Travis - Drums & Vocals
Fred - Lead Guitar
Patrick - Bass
Matts Casbah 12/20/14
Neptunes 12/19/14
Normans 12/12/14
Neptunes 11/29/14
Neptunes 11/14/14
Airforce Ball 09/19/14
PAFB 07/04/14
Veterans Memorial 05/30/14
Soon to be released!

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Travis has been playing drums since the age of ten, starting with snare drum lessons, middle school band, high school jazz band, garage bands, church bands, cover bands, and even a pop a cappella group. He's been busy for the last three years finishing a Master's degree at Florida State, but school's out, and it's time to get back behind the drums. At a Cover Story show you'll also find Travis beat boxing, playing bass, and singing!

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